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Start your Journey with Yoga Kits | Best Yoga Kit of 2022

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Good for the mind, body and soul – yoga is often a new practice many people commit to trying out in the new year.

Whether you’re looking to join your very first yoga class or you’re comfortable following along with an at-home yoga class, yoga is praised for both its health benefits and accessibility to all. The more you progress on your yoga journey – the more yoga equipment you may consider investing in to deepen your practice, which is where our specially-curated yoga kit can offer a helping hand.

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Keep reading as we walk you through our ready-made yoga kits, each carefully considered by our team of yoga teachers in house at Yogamatters to provide yogis with affordable kits aimed at supporting a variety of different styles of yoga . Whether you’re wanting to invest in a meditation yoga kit to help you unwind further in a restorative yoga routine, or you’re looking to treat a loved one to a yoga starter kit as they find their feet – we’ve got an exceptional variety of accessible yoga kits to suit all needs and requirements.

But first, let’s answer some of our frequently asked questions about yoga kits and equipment.

What kit do I need for yoga?

While there’s no one size fits all approach to this question as this often depends on the type of yoga or meditative practice you’ll enjoy the most – we would recommend investing in four essential pieces, particularly if you’re new to yoga and are keen to get started on the right foot.

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Arguably the most universal piece of kit you’ll invest in, a yoga mat offers a comfortable place to commit to your practice, as well as helping to provide additional support and stability. Due to the nature of a yoga mat’s unique design, these mats are built purposely to provide subtle cushioning and grip, to keep you comfortable as you flow through different poses. Better yet, if you are considering venturing to an outdoor class, investing in a travel yoga mat eliminates the need to share mats with other people and can act as your own protective, hygienic barrier between you and the floor, giving you additional hygiene and stability.

If you’re already relatively active and expect your yoga practice to pick up the pace, a handy yoga towel will likely be your favourite piece of kit when things get sweaty. Designed to cover your yoga mat to prevent your mat from becoming slippery, a yoga towel acts as an absorbent layer and is recommended for an intense or hot yoga session. The best yoga towels are often the same size as your yoga mat and are made from a microfibre-like material so it can cling to the underside of your mat, allowing you to flow freely.

Particularly beneficial for yogis who are just starting out and want to stretch further into new poses, a yoga belt (sometimes known as a yoga strap) can offer a helping hand between you and poses that require regular practice to get right. Expertly crafted to support your body in certain positions and poses, yoga belts differ to mainstream weight resistance bands as they don’t provide stretch, they simply work by allowing you to lengthen your reach. Here at Yogamatters, we recommend using a yoga belt in Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) to help lengthen your spine, or to hold on to in Gomukhasana (cow face pose) if your fingers don’t quite reach behind your back but there really are endless uses to a yoga belt for all levels.

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Yoga bricks are great for providing more space in poses, allowing you to focus on the alignment of your body. Instead of pushing your body further than it can comfortably reach, a yoga brick acts as a barrier between you and your mat, allowing you to land in yoga poses with reduced strain or stress on your body. Often bought in pairs to allow balance under each hand or arm, a yoga brick is a versatile prop perfect for all who are looking to increase their stability.

What is a yoga kit?

If you’re looking to kickstart your yoga journey, a good yoga kit acts as a convenient pre-made bundle that provides everything you need in one purchase to allow you to enjoy your practice as efficiently as you can. While these differ depending on your individual preferences; be it a meditation yoga kit or an eco-friendly yoga bundle for those who prefer to make conscious investments, our range of yoga kits are designed to provide everything you need to get you started. Keep reading as we share some of our best yoga kits for 2022 below, available to purchase directly at Yogamatters.

yoga essentials for beginners

Our most affordable and useful yoga kit for beginners, the Yogamatters Starter Yoga kit combines each of our best-selling accessories into one budget-friendly bundle, saving you both time and money as you start your yoga journey.

Perfect to gift to a new yogi, or for those looking to upgrade their existing kit, the Starter Bundle contains our iconic Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat, a matching lightweight yoga mat bag and yoga brick to help improve flexibility.

Loved by yoga teachers and hobbyists alike, the Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat is our best-selling mat and with good reason. Crafted from 100% OEKO-TEX certified material, the sticky yoga mat is both non-toxic and safe, all while offering 4.5mm cushioning, to help protect your knees and joints in particularly difficult poses. As lightweight as it is transportable, this mat is extremely durable and will likely be your favourite yoga companion for years to follow. Designed to wear in after use, much like a pair of favourite trainers, this sticky yoga mat improves as you improve, offering excellent grip and stability.

Discover more about the Yogamatters Starter Yoga Kit online.

accessible yoga propsOne of the best things about yoga, is that it’s an exercise suitable for everyone – regardless of your age, mobility or flexibility.

This inclusive bundle is expertly-curated in house by Yogamatters teachers to cater to those who may require additional support when getting to grips with a yoga routine. Whether you’re starting out and are completely new to yoga, or you’ve found your mobility requires some additional support as you become familiar with poses, our Accessible Yoga Bundle helps provide cushioned relief, support posture and assists with both reach and length.

Including our most padded yoga mat, the Aqua Evolve Mat allows yogis to benefit from 5mm padding, providing cushioned relief in poses that require more pressure. As well as a whole host of environmental benefits, the Aqua Evolve Mat draws on innovative material technology that converts algae into eco-foam, so yogis have confidence this mat is both great for you and the environment.

Complete with two lightweight yoga bricks and our Yogmatters D-ring Belt to help improve flexibility and reach, this accessible bundle has support, balance and flexibility at the forefront of inspiration. There for you when you need a little extra support from your props, we recommend combining this kit with our Iyengar Plus Kit as you become more comfortable with your routine – to create a comprehensive Iyengar Yoga kit.

meditation yoga bundleDesigned to blend seamlessly into your home and meditation routine, this beautifully-curated kit offers yogi enthusiasts the perfect starter kit to unwind and relax further into a Savasana.

We particularly love the simple-yet-sophisticated design of our meditation kit, as this expertly-crafted organic bundle doubles up as essential yoga props, as well as fitting seamlessly into your home decor, ready for everyday, recreational use.

Complete with a snuggly organic yoga blanket, organic buckwheat yoga bolster and a lavender scented weighted eye pillow, find support, warmth and comfort with our chic meditation starter kit at Yogamatters.

Whether you’re wanting to incorporate more props to help you unwind and relax freely in savasana, or you’re wanting to treat a loved one to one of our meditation yoga bundles to carve out some space for a little TLC, this conscious, cosy kit is designed to help provide gentle support, aid deep rest and add an extra comforting layer of warmth.

Better yet, this curated kit complete with meditation essentials is sustainably made from organically grown cotton (OCS) and the bolster is filled with natural, sturdy buckwheat hulls, so they won’t break down over time and therefore help the bolster withstand much more pressure. Rest assured, this kit is tailored to provide yogis with plenty of support and comfort as they unwind for years to come.

Explore our full range of meditation yoga kits at Yogamatters, including our Luxury Meditation Bundle that includes a cosy zabuton and meditation cushion.

eco friendly yoga propsCommitted to making more conscious purchases in 2022? So are we.

Our Eco-Friendly Flow Yoga Bundle pairs our understated, sustainable range of yoga props and accessories to provide conscious yogis with everything they need to help both the planet and their practice.

Available in a variety of sophisticated colourways each inspired by the beauty of nature, including Oceana or Coral, the Eco Flow Yoga Kit is the perfect eco-friendly yoga gift for both yourself or a loved one. Crafted in Spain, our Luxury Eco-Flow Yoga Mat is made from 100% sustainably harvested natural tree rubber, which offers yogis unparalleled grip and support. As well as being both recyclable and biodegradable, this conscious yoga mat is free from toxic chemicals and dyes, allowing you to flow freely across OEKO-TEX standard 100 materials.

Paired in a bundle with Yogamatters Reclaim Eco Brick which is crafted from post-production raw materials to reduce our waste impact, and an organic cotton Yoga Belt, yogis can transport their environmentally-friendly yoga kit to class, or tidy away neatly at home in an organic cotton Yoga Kit Bag.

Interested in upgrading your existing kit with more eco-friendly options? Discover the Yogamatters Reclaim collection online and learn how easy it is to start making small, sustainable differences, even when it comes to your yoga routine.

Shop the very best Yoga Bundles, Yoga Sets & Essentials at Yogamatters

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise and can be practiced from almost anywhere at any time and our bespoke yoga bundles are designed to provide everything you need to get started. Whether you’re looking for yoga essentials, such as a prop starter kit to help you get to grips as you learn more about your new practice, or you’re looking for additional yoga props and accessories to help expand your limits, we’ve got you covered at Yogamatters.

From yoga clothing, inspired homewares and accessories, shop our full range of yoga products online at Yogamatters.

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