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Quite messed up + a speed workout!

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It’s that time of year when I realize how messed up my perception is when it comes to running temperatures now…

25 degrees in February = Just one layer over my sports bra and I felt like I was overheating the whole time.

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28 degrees in October=  four layers over my sports bra and I felt like I was turning into an ice cube with each step.

IMG 3009

(Top, leggings, ((<–both sold out but maybe they are in the stores)) my favorite speed shoes right now)

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2 mile w/u, 2-mile tempo (6:09 average which was 10 seconds slower per mile than a few weeks ago but the ups and downs in training are normal.. just gotta focus on the effort), .5 mile recovery, 1 mile @ 5:47, c/d for a total of 10.05 miles.

PS this was my first speed workout with Emilee in MONTHS.

IMG 2982

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Brooke had crazy hair day so she requested we add in a bunch of different colored hair clips and a bottle of sparkles:)

IMG 2988

I love doing leg day after a speed workout.  My legs are already going to be sore from the speed workout so I might as well do a leg strength workout on the same day.  Doing it this way also makes sure that I have plenty of days to recover with easy runs before I need to go fast again.  I don’t care if my upper body or core is sore during a speed workout but I don’t love having sore legs while trying to run fast.

Skye joined me which made it very fun.

IMG 3010

Gymnastics happened.

IMG 3015

In our area, I just started working with the girls Brooke’s age and we have activities twice a month together.   I made a bunch of sugar cookies yesterday for them to decorate and deliver to some widows in our area.  It’s really fun to be able to get to know the girls that Brooke is around often!

IMG 3017

IMG 3032

General Mills sent these on over yesterday.  I will give you a full review of the chocolate strawberry Cheerios.

IMG 3029

Brooke got a new veterinarian (what she wants to be) book and she couldn’t put it down last night.

IMG 3033

Skye was basically flying she was so excited to have Knox home.

Screen Shot 2022 02 09 at 5 55 55 PM

Every time I forget to close the pantry door…

IMG 2895

Thoughts on these?  

IMG 2966

-No thank you but Brooke, Knox and Skye love them!

If you strength train with your running, how do you schedule it?

What profession did you want to do when you were a child?

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