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Global Guided Humming Experience –

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Global Guided Humming Experience – Andi & Jonathan Goldman 

Humming is one of the most simplest yet most powerful sacred sounds we can make. It has the ability of helping generate all sorts of beneficial physiological effects which includes: increased levels of melatonin, reduced levels of stress-related hormones, released of endorphins—our body’s natural pain relievers, increased levels of nitric oxide which is a vasodilator, lowered blood pressure and increased heart rate variability.

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Through guided meditation to create heart/brain coherence and deep breathing, we amplify our electro-magnetic field. Then, using visualization and the intentionalized sound of the Conscious Hum, we greatly amplify this field even more, sending Love and Light through Sound to ourselves and the Gaia Matrix, the consciousness field of our Earth in order to accelerate planetary evolution.

This 15 minute guided sonic meditation is composed of 3 parts:

  • 5 minute guided coherence meditation
  • 5 minute conscious humming experience
  • 5 minute silent listening practice

We trust you will enjoy this Global Guided Humming Experience and utilize it for personal and planetary healing.

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