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Carnelian Therapeutic Properties, Correspondences and Meanings

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Carnelian is within the crystal highlight right now, and on this weblog put up, I’m going to let you know the whole lot you EVER needed to learn about this beautiful + fiery gem.

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Earlier than we get began… I’ve acquired the PERFECT free present to go together with carnelian right now: my Juicy, Inventive Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation. 

Traditionally, carnelian has been referenced within the bible as one of many gems that adorned the breastplate of the Excessive Priest and the Breastplate of Aaron.

Anthropologists have additionally discovered carnelian in historic jewellery courting again to outdated Egypt and historic Rome.  You’ll typically see wealthy orange-red items inlaid in rings or pendants in museums all over the world.

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Or utilized in different distinctive methods…

carnelian cylinder

Cylinder Seal, Carnelian, Egypt Dyn 1


Carnelian’s Energetic Properties

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Carnelian has a fiery power to it! On the lookout for some get-up-and-go? Then this can be a nice crystal to work with because it’s identified to assist eradicate procrastination.

Carnelian is right for serving to us bust via laziness whereas enhancing our ardour for getting one thing performed. 

Whereas inviting in creativity it assists you in initiating or “getting going”, encouraging you to take steps in the direction of your desires and no matter lights you up. Plus, it’s additionally a very good one for readability of thoughts.

And carnelian helps make selections, so you realize what it’s good to do to get to the subsequent step!  It helps you stop overthinking and simply get the job accomplished.  Pair it with clear quartz to amplify its power.  Ka-Pow!

It’s additionally fantastic in case you’re simply feeling sluggish, drained, or low power. Sort of like a crystalline shot of espresso!

And in case you’re trying to increase your intercourse drive or confidence… this gemstone is your go-to to work with.

Invigorating Horny-Time Vitality

Does this sound such as you?

  • Drained and drained?
  • Poor social expertise? Or low confidence? 
  • Deny your self of pleasures?
  • Lack of ardour, enthusiasm, pleasure?
  • Lack of creativity?
  • Concern of change?
  • Frigidity and/or concern of intercourse?

Then this can be the stone for you!

TIP:  Want some inspiration on the right way to work carnelian into your life?  Over right here, I’ve listed 5 Easy Methods to work together with your crystals each day.

carnelian heart

Immunity Increase

Carnelian is an all-around booster.  Have to amp one thing up? Carnelian to the rescue!

It’s identified to spice up life-force power whereas strengthening the immune system, boosting vitality + fortifying the bodily physique.

So, you possibly can decide up a carnelian to present your immunity a lift any time, particularly if you’re feeling run down or have a chilly approaching. For instance, you possibly can drop a tumbled carnelian stone in your water bottle = Instantaneous Gem Elixir!

For extra tips about the right way to work with carnelian on this means, plus different gems and herbs to cease a chilly in its tracks, soar over to my weblog:  The way to Kick a Chilly with Crystals.

Carnelian Geology

Carnelian is a considerably translucent, but vibrantly coloured Micro-Crystalline Quartz (aka chalcedony; click on right here in case you’re undecided the right way to pronounce that — the geology trainer in me is form of a stickler on that pronunciation as a result of I so typically hear it mispronounced) and it has a Mohs Hardness of 6.5- 7.

Being it’s micro-crystalline, it doesn’t develop within the form of the same old 6-sided Hexagonal Quartz form with a degree. As an alternative, there are teeny-tiny crystals there, however you possibly can normally solely see them beneath a microscope.

Carnelian is kind of simple to ID because it’s an invigorating, vibrant, juicy orange shade; getting its shade from iron impurities within the quartz. It’s most frequently solidly opaque in shade with maybe some colorless translucent areas — however generally bordering on technically being an orange agate. (Agates have tell-tale banding on them). As an illustration, take my GORGEOUS “Jumbo Jupiter” Polished Madagascar Carnelian Sphere under (it’s acquired about 25% agate banding on it).

carnelian sphere

So, Is it Agate?

As proven above, if you see layered colours within the stone, it could even be known as an “agate”… as a consequence of that translucent banding.  You might surprise, “Effectively, isn’t this Fireplace Agate and never Carnelian?”

Yeah, it might be named that means. However it’s only a identify. If it’s largely non-banded and opaque orange then I might let you know it’s a correct carnelian… however even carnelian in its “purest type,” you normally see a little bit of white or translucency to it.  And that white space is simply bits of quartz that didn’t get sufficient of the iron inclusions to show it orange.

When you’re trying to pull collectively some completely different vibrational frequencies to spark some vibrant carnelian power, then I’ve acquired some ideas in my weblog put up; Energizing Crystal Combo which incorporates gems and important oils plus an incredible gem elixir smoothie recipe!

Being quartz, it’s a protected stone to make use of for absolutely anything. This implies you don’t have to be involved with it being poisonous (in baths or gem elixirs) and water received’t hurt it. It’s additionally fairly simple to get your fingers on and comparatively low-cost. A complete “no-brainer” to have in your assortment. 😉

Is it Pretend?

I just lately needed to rain on everybody’s parade with the carnelian-trending over on TikTok to allow them to know: that a lot of the carnelian they had been making a hoopla over was DYED or HEATED to realize the colour they had been .

About 90% available on the market right now just isn’t naturally that shade. 🙁

By way of my many contacts and really dependable geology sources, I’ve confirmed that prime proportion. You’ll be able to consider me or not. (I’ve, understandably, obtained plenty of push-back on this). 

After all, I do implore you to do your individual investigating on this. At all times.

So, most carnelian is certainly dyed or heat-treated (to approx. 2900°F or 1,593.33 °C) to realize a extra vibrant orange shade. Generally it’s an organically sourced dye (vegetable dye or pure pigment) however chemical or iron salts may also be used. Carnelian stones are fairly permeable (consider it as a form of sponge) to allow them to simply take up the dye if left to take a seat within the dye tub for a number of weeks. The longer it’s left in, the deeper + extra uniform the colour. And that is NOT a brand new follow. It’s been performed since historic instances.

Now everybody all the time needs some simple tips about IDing the faked dyed or baked specimens.

Hate to rain in your parade… once more — however sadly, it’s not very simple to inform.

I used to assume that outdated inventory carnelian could be a lot much less prone to be dyed, however since that is an historic follow round because the days of Pliny The Elder, effectively… I’m not so positive that outdated inventory is so “virgin” anymore.


    • In case your stone has a very even homogenous vivid orange or reddish coloring, it’s most probably dyed. or possibly heated to boost the colour — Like right here… they freely admit these are dyed.
    • Pure carnelian has extra of a cloudy dispersal of shade (not obligatory), slight shade variations coupled with inclusions + some pure patterning sometimes. That’s a tip-off that it’s extra probably pure

Sadly, it’s simply not simple to ID the dyed or baked specimens so it’s simply not a precise science. BUT right here’s one thing you are able to do that may work among the time (in case you’re OK with a barely damaging testing technique):

A Streak Check! (When you’ve taken my Crystal Savvy Class Elective you realize precisely what that is all about).

So a TRUE undyed carnelian will streak check white.

When you get an orange streak, effectively that’s proof that it’s dyed (or no less than the part you examined was saturated in dye).

Not suggesting that this one is dyed or pure. Simply can not inform from this picture.

Now with all that mentioned about pretend or dyed or heated carnelian:

  • Do I nonetheless take pleasure in working with it? I do.
  • Do I want it had not been tampered with? I do.
  • Do I really feel the energies of the crystal are diminished with non-natural therapies? I do. Barely.

I simply wish to ensure you’re well-informed after which you can also make a call from a spot of information. Not tellin’ you to not work with carnelian right here in any respect. 


Carnelian is THE stone for Sacral Chakra work.

And the Sacral Chakra, or second chakra (also referred to as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit), positioned in your pelvic space, is all about:

juicy creativity, creating life, creating artwork… creating something in any respect.

If you put something into manifestation/creation mode, it’s all in regards to the Sacral Chakra; very watery, juicy, fertile power.

carnelian sacral chakra yantra

Carnelian is our best stone to assist improve and stability our sacral chakra. It resonates with the vibrations of bodily and psychological power; creation power!

I’ve acquired the PERFECT present to go together with this stone right now: my Juicy, Inventive Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation. 

Creativity and Vitality

As I discussed earlier, in case you want power or vitality of any type, carnelian helps increase that, and it additionally amplifies creativity power; that “take-action power” — making it an incredible stone for artists, crafters, writers.

One other option to carry the properties of carnelian into your power discipline is to put on crystal jewellery like this juicy pendant under, which you’ll normally discover fairly inexpensively in any crystal store.

carnelian pendant

Not for you?

Clearly, I really like carnelian, however I do know it’s not for everybody.  And I do know from expertise, my shoppers, and from my college students that some persons are like “Carnelian, oh, I don’t like that stone.  It’s not for me.”

When you’re a type of individuals or know somebody who feels this fashion, ask them to take a look at this weblog, as a result of it is likely to be simply what the physician ordered. After all, it’s alright in case you don’t like carnelian however contemplate this …

I discover that the minerals that we’re typically repelled by, generally, are the very ones we’re really presupposed to work with. Sort of just like the train we hate essentially the most is the one space we have to work on as a result of it’s highlighting a weak point we might have.

Ever surprise if the issues that carry out the strongest response in us, a method or one other, optimistic or unfavorable… if these issues ought to be checked out just a little nearer?

Meals for thought!

Extra Crystal Correspondences Please!

I hope you’ve loved this highlight on Carnelian. For extra properties, correspondences, and meanings, try these crystal spotlights I’ve performed:

Now don’t depart with out your present —

I’ve acquired the PERFECT FREE present to go together with this stone right now: my Juicy, Inventive Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation. 

Inform me within the feedback… do you’ve got a bit of carnelian that you simply love?  What’s your favourite option to work with it? Or, is carnelian not for you?

Crystal Blessings,


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