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Best Waterpik water flosser for braces

Obviously, choosing the right model really depends on your preferences, so let’s look at the various options available.

Cordless vs countertop: The Cordless Plus Water Flosser (WP-450), is a portable unit, and particularly useful if you have a small bathroom and limited counter space. In comparison to countertop models, this cordless water flosser has a smaller reservoir (210ml), and it does have slightly lower overall pressure capacity (45-75 psi). However, in return, it gives one a more compact, lightweight and portable device. Available in black or white, it has a built-in rechargeable battery which gives multiple uses on a single charge, without requiring the unit to be plugged into an electrical socket, and it can even be used in the shower. The countertop model, Waterpik Ultra Flosser (WP-120), provides more pressure than a cordless model, with 10 pressure settings that range from 10 -100 psi, and has a larger reservoir (600ml), to give longer flossing time. It comes with a two-pin plug for use with UK shaver sockets.

Stand alone Waterpik vs toothbrush + flosser combo: With the Waterpik Complete Care (WP-900), toothbrush and flosser combination, you have brushing and flossing in one single device. Brushing alone, even with a top sonic toothbrush, is not enough and combining the Waterpik and flosser can create the perfect set-up. It saves counter space and power outlets and is an excellent choice for those with braces.

Adult vs kids models: Obviously the age of the consumer is important in choosing the right Waterpik. The model for children which uses the orthodontic tip is The Water Flosser for Kids (WP-260), designed for children aged 6+. Featuring an extra safe, child-proof electrical design, and easy to use controls, it is perfect for any child with braces.

Standard vs designer models: Perhaps style and color are important in your choice?  The ultimate solution is The Aquarius Professional Water Flosser (WP-660), the most advanced water flosser available. It has a brand new contemporary design, an on/off water control on the handle, LED information panel, and enhanced pressure performance with 10% more water pressure. New pulse-modulation technology gives maximum plaque removal, gum stimulation, and improved circulation, and it has a reservoir capacity of 90+ seconds. Also available is The Aquarius Professional Designer Series Water Flosser (WP-670) with its striking, modern finishes of white, teal, black, and pink.

Model size footprint – small vs large: The Waterpik Nano Water Flosser (WP-250), is the simplest, easiest and most convenient way to floss, with its space saving size, quiet performance, and energy efficient design. It has a reservoir capacity of 60+ seconds, 10-90 psi pressure, and works with an electric shaver socket.

Finally, there is the Traveler Water Flosser (WP-300). With its ultra-compact design, it is ideal for traveling, or to be used in smaller bathrooms. It has global voltage capability, allowing it to be used anywhere around the world, is energy efficient, has a reservoir capacity of 60+ seconds, and a pressure control system with 3 settings.

Deciding on the right model is important, but should be fun. Without question, which choice you make determines how much you’ll use your Waterpik. The essential thing to remember is, if you’re wearing braces, to get one that can use an orthodontic attachment. Okay, let’s get cleaning and flossing. The more you maintain your teeth and gums, the less you’ll need to worry about them.



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