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A preview of the ViVE conference agenda

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The ViVE conference, a new conference from HLTH and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) that seeks to merge the leadership of CHIME with the digital marketplace of HLTH, has released a preliminary agenda. It reflects a diverse range of topics centering on the digitization of healthcare, improving health equity, and the challenges at the heart of these efforts.

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Scheduled for March 6-9 in Miami Beach, the ViVE conference is a technology event focused on the business of transformation in healthcare.

The agenda includes discussions around 15 themes. They span investment in healthcare, AI, cybersecurity, the use of digital health tools to improve health equity, automation, and revenue models.

The strategics: Where to place your bets?

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The clout of strategic investors has increased considerably in recent years. The trend of health systems and payers adding venture arms to invest in healthcare used to be greeted with skepticism by traditional investors. The evolution of these entities combined with the surge in demand for technology to help providers address challenges in care delivery, quality and outcomes has led to record-breaking investment as well as a great deal of M&A activity. But it also raises the question of how should health organizations best position bets to match tech needs with investment capacities?

No free lunch: Who is paying for health? 

The question of who is actually paying for healthcare is perhaps one of the biggest issues that has vexed startups, been a source of frustration for policymakers and consumers and led to an intense national dialogue around surprise medical bills, out-of-network physicians and drug prices for chronic conditions. What new models will actually deliver a more sustainable environment for health’s future?

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Breaching the walls: Cybersecurity mounting a defense 

Phishing, ransomware and other malicious attacks have highlighted the vulnerabilities of health systems and payers and the challenges that accompany making healthcare data electronic and more easily accessible. The evolution and awareness of cybersecurity needs have led to the rise of new roles in healthcare such as the Chief Information Security Officer. New technologies and tactics in cyber defense could lead to a more secure future for digital data.

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Manual is so last season: Let’s get automated

Automation in healthcare, enabled in part by machine learning, predictive analytics and other tools, is regarded as a way to not only improve efficiency in healthcare, but also as a way to identify potential healthcare risks to patients earlier and help physicians give more time to complex cases. On the other hand, it could also be risky to put too much expectation in automation without giving enough attention to other healthcare challenges. 

Techquity: Harnessing technology for health equity

Even if the future of healthcare is automated, is it equitable? As the ViVE agenda notes, inclusive and representative technology innovation and policies can facilitate equal access and care quality for marginalized people, and even combat discrimination. But is technology doomed to perpetuate society’s ills, or will we be able to harness tech to reflect the better angels of our nature? 

Other themes at the conference include:

  • Data mining and discoveries from this data
  • Improving access to care
  • Insights on the impact of vertical and horizontal consolidation and integration across the care continuum 
  • Leveraging the advantages of AI
  • Clinical innovation acceleration
  • Health policy and regulations
  • Personalized healthcare
  • Home care
  • Interoperability
  • The cutting edge of health tech innovation

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