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7 Relationship Strengthening Activities for Valentine’s Day – Talkspace

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6. Connect with your senses

If your sex life has been affected by the stress of the past year, you’re not alone. Increasing intimacy is possible with care and intentionality. 

“Many of us get stuck in our heads during sex and disconnect from the pleasure of the moment,” says Colizza, “To experience more connection, it’s important to intentionally tune into our bodies.” 

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How? Start by thinking about your five senses. What are some non-sexual things that are pleasurable for you? Perhaps it’s chocolate, music, or a soft blanket. Add some freshness to the bedroom by incorporating those elements that most please your senses. When you change the context, it can silence your inhibitions and increase your desire. 

Finally, don’t forget that talking about sex is one of the best ways to increase your sexual satisfaction. Be open about what you want from your partner. Ask them about their favorite sexual experience with you and why they felt that way. When you’re vulnerable and open up, it encourages your partner to do the same. 

“Also, it’s a myth that only spontaneous sex is good sex,” Colizza adds, “Don’t be afraid to schedule sex, because it can actually increase anticipation and longing.” 

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Plan ahead and prioritize this important part of your connection this Valentine’s Day!

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