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10 ways life was extremely different the last few days…. Mexico Recap!

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I hope you had a great weekend!  We just got back last night from Mexico and had the greatest time so let’s chat about it.

Andrew and I flew into the Los Cabos International Airport on Wednesday.  It was only a 3 hour direct flight for us which was one of the reasons we chose Cabo, we loved the idea of a shortish flight!  We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva hotel (Andrew found a good deal on it through Delta Vacations) and loved it so much.  The room was very clean and nice and the views were amazing.  They offer rooms there where you can walk out your door and into a pool which looked really fun too.  Our room was over the adult pools but there were also two other huge pools.

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IMG 2626

This Vitamin D felt healing after winter in Utah the last few months.

IMG 2643

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When we were on our way to Cabo we went over all of the things we were going to do.  We were going to hike, explore, excursions etc…. and then we decided to just do one excursion, a bit of running and relax as much as possible.  This decision was made after we spent the first hour at the pool… it was just so nice to slow down.

We did go whale watching and this is Andrew trying to jump in to see them;)  Whales are his absolute favorite and he loved every second.

IMG 2807

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So other than the one time on a boat and two runs outside, we stayed at the resort and were very happy with that decision.

IMG 2699

So much relaxation.

IMG 2693 2

And treats too.

IMG 2640

Andrew and I aren’t super picky and love most food ha but even we were shocked over how much we loved the food here.  The resort was all-inclusive so we pretty much tried everything there.  The buffet, room service and sushi were not our favorites BUT the teppanyaki, steak house, italian restaurant, tacos and bowls of guac/pico were insanely good.  I didn’t really take many pictures of food while we were there but the food was much better here vs previous places we have stayed at that were all-inclusive.

We kept saying over and over again how we have to bring our kids back here.  Also, the resort was pretty much empty on the weekdays and then got a bit busy on the weekend but nothing crazy.  PS it was very interesting how many people from Utah were also staying at this resort and we met a bunch of people that know the same people we do from home!

IMG 2695

The buffet did have a candy bar which made us stop by there every day:)

IMG 2716

We had two runs outside and one on the treadmill.  We loved that there was a little area on the side of the road for runners/bikers and saw a lot of people out running on them.  The mornings were a little chilly (great for running), the afternoons were perfect and the evenings just required a light jacket.

IMG 2684

Seeing new places via your running shoes is the best way to see it.

IMG 2754

IMG 2751

The biggest thanks to my in-laws (and my mom helped out too!) for giving us the best time away.

IMG 2721

10 ways life was extremely different the last few days….

1.  I ate chips and salsa for breakfast… a bit different than my normal oatmeal lately.

2.  We woke up each morning at the same time that Beck usually goes down for his nap.

3.  I think I checked the time once every few hours.

4.  My main source of H2O was from the ice in my virgin piña coladas.

5.  For each and every meal, I didn’t have anyone crawl on my lap to take half of the food in front of me.

6.  We ate dinner at the same time of night that I’m usually in my 2nd REM sleep cycle.

7.  I ate more tacos in just one day than I usually do in three months.

8.  I didn’t go near a washer or dryer when these days I am doing 1-2 loads a day at home.

9.  I was on a pool chair for 4 hours straight one day without getting up once.

10.  I heard Andrew speak a lot of Spanish and I tried my hardest to follow along.

It really was the perfect amount of time for our trip…  We had the best time together (and needed it so bad) but we were also so ready to get back to our kids at the end!


Do you prefer relaxing vacations or more adventurous ones?  Or does it just depend?

Do you speak a foreign language?

Where was the last ‘new to you’ place that you went running?

Where would you go if you could jump on a plane right now?

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